Lip-Smacking Delights With Delicious Magazine Subscription

As the maxim runs, ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’, implicates that nothing can be more endearing than stirring a storm on the platter. With a sumptuous array of dishes, a wife tries her best to win her husband’s heart. But all wives do not know how to cook. But a Delicious Magazine subscription would enable the most amateur hands to cook up a storm.

Kinds of Recipes to woo your Man’s Heart

Once you become part of the Delicious Magazine, you will learn the intricate and most specific ways of getting the dishes done with variety to speak of a gourmet’s talents. Talking of exotic foods, the magazine offers recipes in simple procedures sprinkled with ingredients and spices to make it an enticing platter.

It is true that grandmothers used to cook up the most exclusive dishes with secret recipes to charm the hearts. But today’s women find it difficult to go through the prolonged procedures of grandmother’s recipes and finally cook up a dish. They have to juggle home chores and office works and therefore they try to seek shortcuts to their husband’s heart with simple yet delectable dishes.

Delicious Magazine offers the already tested recipes in a very innovative style. This enables any contemporary woman to manage between work and home recipes and yet cook like an expert. The magazine has answers for any complicated and old recipe in new package. Save your time and make life simpler with help from Delicious Magazine.

The cooking programs on International channels are quite tempting and you may wish to get a taste of the foreign lands. Grab the magazine and look up for recipes to learn about ingredients and techniques of cooking up an array of delicacies. The experience is like bringing the whole world into your room and feeling the taste of various cultures. Subscribe yourself to Delicious magazine and see how you enjoy stirring new dishes and surprising your family and friends.

The magazine gives you opportunity to turn into a chef from a novice overnight. The experience is enthralling and exciting. Needless to say, it serves the most intelligent way of winning over hearts and overcoming emotional hassles. Delicious magazine has fetched profound accolades not solely for serving innovative recipes, but being the perfect guide for a proficient hand.

The magazine offers tips for healthy foods for the conscious gourmet minds. Most of the people think that healthy food tastes insipid and tasteless. But Delicious magazine gives you a spin of idea and actually preaches you on how to make tasty food without pouring too much of oil and spice. The best part is that healthy food can be consumed by everyone with delight without having to compromise with taste.

Hence, give a try to Delicious magazine and watch out for your family and how they dig into your cooking saga with zest and passion.

Is Finding A Healthy Diet On Your To Do List?

First you must ask yourself ” What are my health goals?” If you looking to lose a few pounds so that you look good for a special occasion, that really isn’t a health goal. If you are looking to feel better, sleep better, have more energy, if you would like to cut back on your medications, or not get on medication at all, these are the health goals we will be talking about. In order to accomplish these goals you will have to make some Lifestyle Changes. These changes need to be sustainable, which mean changes that you can live with. When the new diet of the year makes promises that you won’t have to weigh and measure that you won’t have to exercise, that you can eat anything you want as long as you take their pill, or buy their book, chances are that this is just the next best thing. You have been through this before. You have the last book on the shelf or in the closet and maybe you have the products in your drawer. They didn’t work then, and they won’t work now. The diet industry is booming there is always someone out there with another “new” idea that everyone is so eager to try. Every magazine cover, every other TV commercial is about a diet you need to try.

Remember, not all thin people are healthy. When someone is heavy we believe that if you lose the weight, your health issues will go away… That may or may not be true… carrying around a lot of excess weight is never good, we all know that, but how you lose the weight is important too. It is very confusing for everyone. If you are confused you are not alone So much information is out there, how would you know what to believe..”If you don’t eat fat you won’t be fat”, ” carbs are bad for you, don’t eat carbs”, and then the USDA food pyramid says that you should eat 11 portions of grains each day… if you are confused join the club.

When choosing a weight loss program, always keep your good health in mind:

1. Your body needs fat. You need it for your hair, skin, nails, and you need it for your body to work properly… Your choice is to use the good fats as opposed to bad or hydrogenated fats. Good fats also make you feel more satisfied.

2. Carbs.. once again there are good carbs and not so good carbs. Fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains are all examples of good carbs. You need carbs to fill you, give you energy and to keep your body working properly.

3. Protein… every decent diet will include high quality protein. In order for your body not to lose muscle mass you must have protein.. Remember your heart is a muscle, and you don’t want to lose muscle.

4. Severely restricting calories… you need to eat. Your body is a machine that needs to be nourished. At first you might lose weight, but these diets are not sustainable.

5. Be weary of diets that promise too much, if it sounds too good to be true it usually is, LIke loose 30 lbs. in 30 days…. If such a weight loss happens would you be losing fat or muscle? Remember you don’t want to lose muscle.

6. Every good program should recommend an exercise routine. If a diet says that you don’t need to exercise, your first question should be why?

7. If you lose weight too quickly, it means that you are losing more muscle mass than fat cells. Remember your heart is a muscle.

8.If you really want to lose weight and reach your optimum health goals you must be willing to make a commitment to a Lifestyle Change.

9. The biggest secrets of all…….. if you want to lose weight, increase the amount of vegetables in your diet and learn to control your portions… the biggest secrets are no secrets at all.

10. The way to reach your health and weight goals is to lose it slowly. There really is no secret diet that will be healthy and sustainable without making a lifestyle change.

When you are trying to decide what new diet to try, remember that what matters most in life is your health.

Healthy Nutrition Starts at Home

Childhood obesity has become a national epidemic of epic proportions. In 1980, an overweight child would have stood out on the playground. Today, however, overweight American children have become the norm.

The statistics about childhood obesity are shocking. Studies show that obesity levels among children have tripled over the last 20 years. Physical inactivity and access to more processed, packaged foods are key contributors to the nation’s expanding waistlines. Sadly, children who are obese become young adults at high risk for serious health conditions.

How can you teach your children the basics of healthy eating? Remember that actions speak louder than words and set a good example. Helping to create healthy habits for your children now will lead to a healthier future. Try these simple steps to encourage healthier eating:

• Make Meal Time Family Time

Studies show that families that eat together tend to be healthier overall. Predictability is important for kids, so making dinnertime something they can count on benefits their mental well-being. It also gives parents the chance to introduce new foods and act as healthy-eating role models for their children.

• Mix it Up

While routines are important for kids, variety is important for taste buds! Don’t just stick to basic carrots or ants on a log. Try out different recipes to make fruits and veggies tastier for young palates. The internet is a vast resource for recipes and healthy eating tips. You’ll be surprised by what your children like!

• Recruit Young Helping Hands

There are always age-appropriate tasks your child can help with in the kitchen. Sometimes it’s as simple as stirring. Make them a part of the whole experience, and use the time to teach them about why we eat certain foods, and why we avoid others. Helping to prepare something also gives kids a sense of accomplishment and makes them more likely to try it.

• Say No to TV Snacking

Snacking in front of the television is an invitation to mindless overeating and makes it more difficult to identify a feeling of fullness. Limit eating to kitchen and dining areas in your home to discourage habitual overeating.

5 BEST Healthy Breakfast Foods

There are two reasons why it’s so important to eat healthy breakfasts. For one, it sets the tempo for the rest of the day. If you start off with a healthy meal, then it’s a lot easier to have healthy meals later in the day.

Second, it gets your metabolism going. When you’ve just woken up, you’ve gone at least 8 hours without food. Your body is in starvation mode and hordes all the energy it has. Eating a healthy meal gets your body OUT of starvation mode and INTO calorie burning mode.

Unfortunately, many people eat really unhealthy foods for breakfast or skip it altogether. This is a bad idea. No matter how busy you are in the morning, you need to take the time to prepare and eat a good, nutritious meal.

I’m going to give you five staples of healthy breakfasts that you’re going to love. No matter how much time you have in the morning to prepare, and no matter what your taste buds respond to, I promise you that you will like at least one of these staples.

They all have practically infinite varieties and combinations, so they should keep you busy for a long time. Let’s dive right in!

1. Eggs

Eggs are absolutely, positively amazing for you. Frankly, eggs are one of the healthiest foods out there, and regardless of your health and fitness goals, you should be eating them.

Some people are turned off by the high fat and cholesterol count of whole eggs. While egg whites are definitely healthy, the yoke contains the bulk of the egg’s nutrition. Don’t be afraid of eating whole eggs – nobody has ever had a heart attack because they ate too many eggs!

There are all kinds of ways to prepare eggs. You can scramble them, cook them over easy, poach them, or even hard boil them and store enough of them to last you the entire week. Because eggs have a neutral taste, you can experiment with different spices.

For example, if you sprinkle on some lemon and parsley, it’ll have a Middle Eastern flavor. If you add olive oil, garlic and basil, then it’ll have an Italian taste. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to cook ethnic food, there’s no better place to do it than on eggs!

2. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a great weight loss food. For one, it’s packed with fiber, which will give you that “full” feeling longer. In addition, oatmeal is a complex carb, which means that it takes longer for your body to process and store it as fat.

Replacing simple carbs, such as white bread, with complex carbs, like oatmeal, is one of the fundamental changes that you need to make to your diet in order to maintain a healthy weight.

What makes oatmeal special is that, like eggs, you can create all sorts of neat tasting meals out of it. Try mixing it with apples and cinnamon, or play around with peanut butter and blueberries. The possibilities are endless!

3. Greek Yogurt

Who doesn’t like yogurt? OK, I know a few people who don’t, but come on, it’s delicious!

Now when I say that yogurt is a great breakfast food, I’m not talking about the ones at the super market that are loaded with sugar.

The absolute best kind of yogurt you can eat is greek yogurt: it is loaded with protein and contains no sugar. It does taste a little plain, which is why you may want to spruce it up with some…

4. Berries

A little earlier I reminded you about how important it is to avoid simple carbs such as sugar. Well that’s a little simplistic, because there are actually some sugars that are really good for you, such as those found in fruit.

In particular, berries are absolutely phenomenal for you. Blueberries, raspberries, blackberries… whatever you can get your hands on. These don’t require any preparation and go with everything else on this list.

5. Green Tea

When it comes to beverages, stay away from the juice that you buy in the store. Most of that stuff is just sugary concentrate that won’t do much for you.

A lot of people drink coffee, which is fine. There have been many studies done on coffee, and it does not have any long-term negative effects on you.

That said, if you want a nice kick AND some serious health benefits, look no further than green tea. Green tea’s profile as a “wonder” drink only gets bigger every year, and the hype is real. It is loaded with antioxidants and will help wake up and focus your mind.

Try adding it to your early morning routine, along with the other staples that we’ve talked about in this article, and your body will thank you many times over!

Stressers Anonymous

I stand like an adrenalin junkie on the edge of a calculated risk, ready to fall to heightened depths. Nerve impulses are moving through my body’s haggard network. As far as they travel, the impulses are continually regenerating. There’s nothing … absolutely nothing wrong with me.

A physical check up has determined that my organs are functioning well. Yet, my energy is low.

I’m tired. No … it’s more than that. I’m at the point where I can’t sit and do what I have to do for one second longer. The voices and movement around me have me restless, thinking: “I’ve got to get out of here!” And all the while palpitations, dizziness and pain address me: something’s wrong.

The wan feeling doesn’t subside. I stumble into the bedroom and collapse on my bed. The pain is unforgivable. It has my head gripped in a vice that puts nausea in the foreground. My body is demanding sleep. Now, I’m a push over. I usually succumb to this kind of thing. So, I sleep.

I know that I take a regular dosage of the slowest poison that drips on earth. It is administered in prescribed amounts over a period of twenty-four hours every day. Stress slowly infiltrates my pores and leaves its sticky and deadly residue within my veins.

I think of the drug junkie … then I realize I’m caught in a web and I seriously need help. Now, tell me: “Where would I find Stressers Anonymous?” or is there another name? Perhaps the acronym TOSO (Tired, Overworked and Stressed Out) is the accepted jargon for stressers.

Is this another day away from work? It seems ideal. It could be therapeutic. Yet, there’s that little voice inside my head that’s badgering the equilibrium of the harmonic sounds I actually prefer to hear. Dissonance and discord!

That’s it! I am at the end of a tether of guilt. I remind myself of all the important work that I’m missing – and it’s always important, hear – only to end up thinking about the enormous backlog with which I will have to deal – and it’s always enormous. What is this connection between stress and hyperbolic thoughts?

Therapeutic? I think not. And I go to work.

Stress infiltrates the maze of my mind. It’s caught in the intricate and confusing networks inside my head. And as the various symptoms of the disease harm my system, I seek medication to counteract the effects.

I remember the words: I am the master of my fate, the captain of my soul. What does Henry David Thoreau want me to understand: I captain my soul and I master my fate?

My motto in life has never been healthy. I should have considered a healthier approach: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Yet, how many people work at prevention?

In the end true physical well-being lies in my own hands. No-one else can achieve the ultimate for me. If I want to feel healthy, I need to deal with stress. The first step is to perhaps change my lifestyle.

The following four tips are found in most health magazines and -portals when stress is the topic. So, I start here:

1. Healthy eating habits.

2. Regular exercise.

3. Enough rest.

4. Good mental and emotional habits.

And just once in a while … a good weekend getting away from it all.

7 Reasons Why Sex is Healthy

We all look for ways to become more   healthy , we take supplements, go to the gym, read  magazines , when all the while a perfectly natural and fun way to lose weight and be  healthy  is to simply have sex.

Yes, a healthy sex life isn’t just good for you relationship but for your health as well. In fact, sexual intercouse has many health benefits.

Here are just a few:

1. Sexual activity is exercise – In fact, having sex 3 times a week can help you lose around 7,500 calories in a year which is the equivalent of running 75 miles! We all know that this is a long distance to run. Sex is a much more fun option.

2. Reduce stress – Sex is a great way to reduce stress. It is well known that stress can have serious health ramifications, the least of which is that it can lead to an increase in your weight, in particular around the midsection.

3. Hormonal benefits – Regular lovemaking can increase hormonal levels which in women may help deal with some of the effects of menopause. In addition, sex is a workout for our private parts.

4. Better sleep – Sex is healthy because it helps us sleep better. Since sleep is a fundamental necessity of good health, sex can help you be healthier for many years to come.

5. Sex reduces pain – When we have sex endorphin levels rise and the hormone oxytocinis produced in a large amount. This can help alleviate pain. So, the next time you say, not tonight, I have a headache, you’re actually robbing yourself of the solution to your pain.

6. Sex tones the muscles – Since we are physically active during sex, however, rigorous it may be, sexual intercourse does help improve muscle tone and may even strengthen your bones.

7. Sex keeps us younger – Studies show that having regular sex can help to keep a youthful appearance and boost your immunity system.

So, sex isn’t just for fun, it can also help you lose weight and be healthy.

Women’s #1 Killer: Heart Disease or Cancer?

The #1 killer of women in the United States is HEART DISEASE, not cancer as many people think. In 2006 there were 332,000 deaths in the U.S. that were associated with heart disease, according to the records of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI).

The First Lady, Laura Bush, has taken action to help inform people of the symptoms of a heart attack and gives advice on how to prevent it. She joined forces with the NHLBI and is very active in helping women prevent heart attacks. The good news is that the numbers are decreasing – it was one out of three women that died of a heart attack in 2003 and in 2004 it declined to one out of four – a decrease of 17,000 deaths. However, we still need to continue to make people aware of the symptoms of heart attacks and give them advice on how to prevent it. “The really good news is that heart disease CAN BE PREVENTED and there are very easy steps for all of us to take to change our lifestyles and prevent heart disease,” says Mrs. Bush in the Spring issue of Heart-Healthy Living   magazine . She believes that a balanced diet, and her “early-to-bed-early-to-rise” regime keeps stress levels under control, a crucial part of helping prevent heart disease.

Here are the symptoms associated with heart attacks which were recorded in the Heart-Healthy Living  Magazine , Spring 2007 issue:

~Pressure, pain or discomfort in the center of the chest that comes and goes

~Shortness of breath

~Unusual fatigue

~Pain in the upper body, including back, neck, arms, jaws and stomach

~Nausea, cold sweats, dizziness

An important thing to do when preventing a heart attack is to be aware not only of the symptoms but also of the risk factors. The more risk factors you have, the greater the risk of heart disease. Elizabeth Nabel, M.D., in the Heart-Healthy  Magazine , says that “One risk factor can increase your chances of heart disease twofold. Having two risk factors increases it four-fold and three, tenfold.” Risk factors include smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, low HDL cholesterol, lack of physical activity, sedentary lifestyle, and family history of heart disease.

So, be aware of the risks that can cause heart attacks and the symptoms that you have if you do have one. Prevent heart attacks by

* eating healthy

* exercising regularly

* not smoking

* keeping your cholesterol down

* keeping stress down as much as possible – practice meditation, yoga, etc. Anything that will help lower your stress level.

There are definitely ways to help prevent having heart disease. Don’t just accept that since you have a family history of heart disease you can’t do anything about it. Start to lower the risk factors in your life by living a healthier lifestyle – it is that simple. Simply adapt good eating habits, incorporate at least 30 minutes of exercise into your daily routine, use products that are not filled with toxins, adapt good sleep habits, and lower your stress level.

Live healthy! Lower your risk of heart attacks – women’s number one killer in the U.S!

The Best iPad Apps – Zinio Digital Magazines and Books App

The Zinio app is one of the best iPad apps available empowering the Apple iPad to become the perfect medium for Zinio digital magazines and books. In 2004, I made a shift to receive my magazine subscriptions digitally instead of through the mail or purchased at a local bookstore using a company called Zinio. Zinio provides digital products and services that enable people to discover published content from around the world using a digital format that is portable among various computer types and mobile devices using the ZINIO UNITY™ platform allowing consumers to seamlessly interact with digital magazine and books features including interactive graphics, animated illustrations, videos and more. For example, in a typical health magazine you only see shots of a person doing an exercise while in a Zinio provided digital magazine you can click on the video to see the full exercise.

The Zinio iPad app encourages consumers to explore and read free articles from some of the top magazines updated daily allowing consumers to investigate new magazines they might never have discovered. If consumers do find an interesting magazine and want to subscribe or even buy a single issue, the Zinio App provides an easy click to purchase interface. Zinio also provides the typical magazine deals so you won’t pay full price.

The Apple iPad really brings the digital magazines and books to life using the Zinio app as you read the digital content in full-color in high-fidelity. By turning the iPad either landscape or portrait, you can read either one or two pages at a time. Obviously the one page portrait zooms in on the content and provides an easier read, but if you are just thumbing through the magazine the landscape mode allows you to tackle two pages at a time. Additionally, you can switch to enhanced text mode and resize text for easier readability.

Zinio synchronizes your library among all your Zinio readers including your Zinio iPad app, iPhone app, Mac and PC. While the first version of the Zinio iPad app did not include the ability to synchronize and bring down your old digital magazines and books subscribed to years ago, shortly after Zinio added this ability allowing me to bring in my Home Theater magazines from 2004! While not useful anymore, these magazines are a treasure to look at.

The final reason consumers are switching to digital formats are due to cost savings. I subscribe to a UK-based magazine called T3 through Zinio for $39.99. While I typically do not spend over $15 on magazine subscriptions, I feel T3 is the best gadget magazine on the market. If I were to purchase a yearly discounted subscription for the paper version in the US, I would have paid more than double or $82 a year providing a savings of $42.

Instead of reading your favorite magazines on in their non-interactive paper format, try a sample of the Zinio app on the iPad. You receive the same look and feel but using the Zinio iPad app, you have access to features that traditional print cannot provide including interactivity through videos and links, full-text search, smart zoom, hyperlinked table of contents and even the ability to send an article to your friends through email.

Tips on How to Lead a Healthy Life

If you are serious about learning how to lead a healthy life, here are some tips that can get you started.

First up, have a complete physical performed. Go to your doctor and have blood work done so you will know what your blood pressure is, cholesterol – good and bad – blood sugar levels, etc. This way you can start to incorporate the necessary dietary changes to correct turn any problem areas around.

Next, if you are overweight, figure out a plan once and for all to lose weight. Obesity can generate so many diseases and illness, and it is one of the few things we can eliminate.

Do not try any type of fad or crash diet to lose a lot of weight fast – you will just gain it all back and then some. Incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, and try to shift to more chicken and fish than red meat. If you have pasta or breads, make them whole wheat. They are better for you and they taste better too.

Drink lots of water. You hear it all the time, but drinking too little water can cause kidney stones, constipation and dehydration. They say that by the time you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated, so carry around some chilled water to sip on throughout the day.

Exercise – no one wants to do it, but the benefits are so worth it. You just have to make a commitment to take a 20-minute walk at least three times a week. Once you start you will be hooked and want to do it everyday.

Relax.. Stress is the leading cause of so many diseases and illness. Take a warm bath. Meditate. Read a good book. Do something that you enjoy. And of course, laugh every day. Everyone always feels so much better after a good laugh. You know what they say… Laughter is the best medicine!  

Eating Healthy Has Its Perks

There are always so many guidelines and myths about eating healthy, what a healthy diet can do for your skin, abs, eyesight and overall life in general. Some of what you hear is in fact true, while others remain to be proven. One of the common misconceptions that stands out the most when it comes to eating healthy is you have to eat foods that taste like cardboard and grass. On the contrary, there are some very testy variables should you choose to travel that route.

Instead of eating less, you should in fact eat three complete meals a day and a least two snacks. So much food throughout the day can’t be healthy can it? Yes it can. Try to avoid the donuts and cream and sugar filled coffee and replace it with cereal (hot or cold) and a serving of fruit. For lunch, forego the pizza and try an open faced sandwich (something high in protein like tuna, egg or chicken salad, etc.) and a side salad with light dressing or vinegar. For your snacks, let’s face it, you could do without the chips. Instead grab a small handful of almonds, peanuts or celery and peanut butter or even find a sweet indulgence in half a cookie. Yes – half. For dinner fire up the grill and sate your palate with a plate of grilled salmon and veggies with a small side of rice pilaf. Not bad for a days worth of food is it? When you eat healthy, it doesn’t have to be miserable. You just need to make smart decisions about what you put into your mouth and try to limit your calories to an ideal total of 1,500- 2,000 calories daily.

What if you are an athlete and need more food to function?

When you make the choice to eat healthy and you are an athlete or any person who exercises on a regular basis, you will need to supply your body with the vital nutrients it uses and fluid it secretes (sweat) during your period of activity. In addition to your healthy diet, it is recommended that everyone, whether active or not, take a vitamin supplement to ensure they get the proper amount of vitamins and minerals needed to maintain proper body function. In answer to the question, athletes typically do have more to replace and need to take in a larger amount of calories, but do not over do it; consult your physician or nutrition specialist and eat responsibly.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that because you are an athlete or more active than the average person you can freely eat whatever you want whenever you want. You will still need to eat healthy and make sound decisions in your diet to maintain your current weight and energy level. If you overeat or over-indulge in foods that are high in fat and sugar, in time your body will begin to hit a low and become sluggish. Soon thereafter you may begin to notice weight gain. In order to avoid this, be sure to continue to eat healthy and maintain a balanced diet in conjunction with your continued exercise routine.

You try to eat healthy but during your menstrual cycle you tend to binge. What can you do?

First you need to put down the comfort foods and the chocolate and try consuming more vitamin D and calcium. Two foods that have a surprisingly high source of one or the other are eggs and broccoli. We’re not saying eat these power foods together, but try consuming them in higher quantities and it’ll be sure to keep you full and reduce your massive case of PMS. Broccoli has one of the highest forms of easily absorbable calcium, and eggs are one of nature’s best sources of vitamin D. When your focus is to eat   healthy , there are a lot of foods that boast superpowers beyond your comprehension and Women’s Health  Magazine  gave us an insider’s look at those foods:

1. Chickpeas and Red Peppers= more energy

2. Avocados and Spinach= better vision

3. Olive Oil and Tomatoes= smoother skin

4. Yogurt and Ground Flaxseed= better digestion

5. Oatmeal and Apples= a healthier heart

6. Chicken and Sweet Potatoes= a stronger immune system

7. Balsamic Vinegar and Pasta= a slimmer midsection

8. Green Tea and Lemon Juice= cancer protection

Gear up on the proper foods and stock your fridge and shelves. You’ll be happy you did.

You do very well at eating healthy but you’re still hungry all the time and sore after workouts. What can you do?

Well as hard as it is to eat healthy and maintain a decent diet, it’s even harder to get the right mix of food needed for your body to function at its optimal level. No worries, its protein to the rescue. During a workout muscles stretch, rip and tear and during your recovery time, when you’re not working out, they repair themselves. The soreness you feel after a workout is your body and your muscles, repairing themselves.

To curb hunger, indulge in a bit more protein daily. Be sure to consult your physician to ensure you’re taking in the proper amount of protein each day in accordance with your exercise level. It’s not easy to eat healthy, but once you incorporate the proper foods into you daily diet, it should be easy sailing. Don’t be afraid to sate your occasional sweet tooth with chocolates or cakes, just remember when you aim to eat healthy, the rule of thumb is everything in moderation.